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These Are The Most Iconic Movie Dresses Of All Time

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Whether because of a heart-wrenching love story, beautiful cinematography, or a character that steals the show, movies can be memorable for a variety of reasons. In addition to the examples listed above, another reason is the movie's costumes — specifically, any dresses that may be worn in the film. From many years of tuning into red carpets, we know just how big of an impression a dress can make. While these outfits may be worn on the silver screen, they're no less iconic. In fact, we argue they may be even more so, due to the fact that we can revisit them over and over again. 

Iconic movie dresses come in all shapes and sizes (literally), and they can be cherished for a variety of reasons. While some are remembered for being breathtakingly beautiful, like Cecilia's emerald green, backless gown in Atonement, others are memorialized for being over-the-top (we're looking at you Andie from Pretty in Pink). Then, there are those dresses that fall somewhere in the middle, and are simply iconic because of how perfectly they fit within the larger storyline of a film. 

From the good to the bad, we've rounded up the most iconic movie dresses of all time. Which of these would you want in your closet?